Sam Houston's all-time interceptions leader, and member of back-to-back NCAA finalist squads, Dax Swanson will work out at the NFL Combine Tuesday in Indianapolis.

Swanson owns the Sam Houston school record for most career interceptions with 14. The Waco, Texas (La Vega), product also set the Sam Houston single-season record for interceptions with eight in 2011.

Swanson's record-breaking play may have been his most important pick as the play stopped a late Eastern Washington drive with 5:33 remaining in the FCS semifinals. The record-tying interception came on a pass from Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel in the Texas A&M game.

The senior also participated in the Texas vs. the Nation Collegiate All-Star Game in Allen, Texas, earlier this month.

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The workouts that Swanson will participate in are the 40-yard dash, positional skill drills, vertical leap and broad jump, and the three-cone and shuttle drills.

You can watch the workouts here.

Dax was also profiled by Read the transcript below

Shaun DePasquale: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today Dax. Can you tell me where you're training for the NFL Draft?

Dax Swanson: Ignition with Clif Marshall

SD: What do you feel are your strengths and things you may need to work on?

DS My strengths would be my ability to open my hips and get out of breaks. My speed, and my ability to find the ball in the air. Things I would like to improve upon would be to improve my tackling, and to not be beaten on double-moves.

SD: How do you feel your time at Lindenwood helped you prepare for the NFL?

DS: I played alot of man coverage, they put me on an island. Sam Houston State really prepared me for the next level.

SD: What kind of defensive scheme do you feel best suits your talents?

DS: I have great ball awareness, I can play man or zone. I can play inside. I'm diverse and fit any system. I can play all positions.

SD: Have you received any feedback from NFL scouts?

DS: Scouts liked how I play the ball in the air. I got good feedback from them at the Texas vs. Nation All Star game. They like my versaility.

SD: What was the Texas vs. Nation All Star Game like for you?

DS: It was a good experience. I played for a great defensive backs coach- former Dallas Cowboys CB Kevin Smith, and overall felt I performed well in the game.

SD: What are you goals for the NFL Combine?

DS: 4.2 yard dash.3.9 shuttle, 37 vert. I have run in the 4.2 range before.

SD: What has been your greatest accomplishment, athletically or personally ?

DO: Having my son. Making to the National Championship for 2 years in a row.

SD: If you could have dinner with any 3 people, living or otherwise, who would they be and why?

DS: Champ Bailey, Steve Smith of the Panthers, and Michael Jordan.

SD: Give me the name of a teammate that doesn't get nearly enough recognition.

DS: Darius Taylor, our MLB. He does alot for us. Will shock people on Pro Day.

SD: What message would you like to send to NFL teams about Dax Swanson?

DS: I'm a competitor. I do what it takes to win. I work hard and I'm coming to play. I do whatever it takes to win. I'm coming for a position in the NFL.

SD: Last question, what would be your first purchase with an NFL paycheck?

DS: Get my mom whatever she wants

SD: Thank you so much for your time Dax. Good luck in your journey!