Corporate Partner Testimonials




"We at Advanced-Online have enjoyed our time as a supplier and partner to Sam Houston State Athletics. We have experienced the success of the Athletics program as we have grown the Official online store to a store with over 1000 products meant to serve the loyal fans and alumni of Sam Houston State. Our contacts David Paitson and Greg Hinze have always been professional and accommodating and we have appreciated their relationship over the years. We look forward to continuing to provide Sam Houston State the best online store possible for years to come."

~Mike Standish, President -- Advanced-Online



"This was our first year to be a corporate sponsor at SHSU.  Through this sponsorship, we had more exposure to the student body in order to generate sales.  More than previous years, we noticed teams (both away and home) dining at our restaurant. 

We were also able to use this opporunity to promote The sponsorship was an effective tool for adverstising our restaurant."

~Terry Wade, Owner -- Subway Restaurant


Wingstop was our first crack at running a restaurant. In a town like huntsville it is often difficult to determine which marketing campaigns will be beneficial to building your business. Also, marketing is so expensive that is is somewhat scary to make a commitment to one specific advertising campaign because if it does not work usually a lot of money was wasted! As most of us know everyone claims the marketing opportunity they are trying to sell you WILL work; however this is not always the case.

We came to be involved with SHSU athletics as a last ditch effort to advertise on campus. And we were pleasantly surprised! We have seen a huge increase in volume, and we have also built our customer base quite a bit. I can't tell you how much we love hearing students say "this is my first time eating here". We first saw thus influx in sales our first year with SHSU athletics and we have continued to grow. The partnership has most definitely been our most successful marketing campaign to date. 

Furthermore, the entire staff has been extremely helpful and accommodating. Any question we may have is always answered in one simple phone call. We have very much appreciate that; I often do not have the time to make a bunch of calls to solve something. Thus far this has been a non stressful situation, and that in its self is worth its wieght in gold!

 Thank to all who make this possible,

~Tabbie Pegoda, General Manager -- Wingstop Restaurants, Inc.