HUNTSVILLE – Practice has not been the only thing the Sam Houston State Bearkats football team has been up to this spring as they have also taken the time to continue to engage and serve the Huntsville community.

In addition to taking part in spring practice, the Bearkats also accumulated more than 40 hours of community service work in March. Every player on the roster has participated in at least two hours of such service, including Remus Bulmer who donated 10 hours of his time during the month of March to giving back.

“I’ve been really impressed with how much our guys have given back,” head coach K.C. Keeler said. “It is our goal to not only take care of business in the classroom and on the field, but also in the community, and our guys have really bought in. From reading to the younger kids in elementary school, to assisting a bone marrow drive that could potentially save someone’s life, they’ve been invested and it really shows.”

The Kats have taken part in a number of activities throughout the year, especially in March. The team hosted four YMCA Youth Days during the month, allowing local youth to come to Bowers Stadium and take part in on-field drills with players and coaches.

“I do not think I can possibly thank the team enough for how fantastic this event was and what it means to the YMCA,” Jacob Giroux, Youth Development Director of the YMCA of Huntsville said. “We have been in awe at how awesome the players were and how good the setup was.”

Sam Houston players also took part in several awareness drives, including an effort to support colon cancer awareness in early March where participants were encouraged to wear blue and walk campus to promote awareness. They also were on hand, participating with and assisting in the running of a week-long bone marrow drive and an event late in the month promoting awareness of sexual assault.

The team was on hand to sign autographs for students at the Faith Lutheran School and took the time to read to elementary school students at Lansbury and Scott Johnson Elementary Schools.

“I’m really proud of the guys for doing a great job in the community last month,” Siddiq Haynes, Bearkat defensive line coach said. “They have so much going on with school and on the field, but still manage to find and take the time to give back.”